Transforming Games into

Web 3.0 Games

The platform where Developers & Players earn from playing the best games in the internet

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Everyone Earns

Join a guild and start your P2E journey. Compete in PVP gaming. Monetize your games

Play to Earn

Join the P2E revolution and earn for playing your favorite games

Game Developers

Convert your game into a P2E game in minutes with no blockchain experience

Guilds & Communities

Easy guild integration. Create a guild and connect it to your favorite game in one place


ScoreMilk Gaming is a top-down gaming platform and Gaming Studio focusing on Web 3.0 solutions for gamers, game developers, and guilds

  • Top-down Web 3.0 platform for everything gaming
  • Simple Game Onboarding via SDK
  • Integrated Social Tools: Friends List, Challenge Mode & Ranking System
  • Play to Earn: Gaming skills monetization
  • Patent Pending Security solution: Solving the security vulnerabilities of Web 3.0
  • Guild & NFT Compatibility: Easy guild integration

Turn your gaming skills into money

Score Milk allows gamers to earn for playing

Launch your game with our simple SDK

Every game can be a Blockchain game

Build Your Guild Directly on ScoreMilk

A top-down platform build for gamers, scholars & developers. Game-to-Guild approach with personalized guilds.


ScoreMilk is the perfect platform that introduces game developers to gamers and guilds all in one place

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Launch your game with our simple SDK

2 Original Score Milk Games

For Gamers

Gaming is fun. It’s an even bigger blast when you Play-to-Earn

For Developers

Launch your game with our easy SDK. Start monetizing your games

For Guilds

Easy guild integration. Create a guild and connect it to your favorite game in one place

Frequently Asked Questions

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Legal Disclaimers: The gaming platform and the MILK token is not offered to US Citizens and will be strictly enforced to be NON-ELIGIBLE to US Citizens to be compliant to US SEC regulations.
If you are outside of US territories, it is your responsibility to know and adhere to your home country’s rules and regulations regarding cryptocurrencies and online skills based gaming.
In the upcoming version 0.5 of the platform which is currently under development, all visitors will be required to read and acknowledge these rules and regulations and disclaimers and verify that they are not US Citizens. All US based internet traffic and Internet Protocol addresses (IP’s) will be blocked by our sites. is NOT a gambling website. It is a skill-based gaming platform where you compete via video gaming skills to beat your competitor and is not subject to any randomness or chance. All users or the platform must be 18 years old or older to participate.