Beat Them & Earn

Score Milk is a gaming ecosystem that allows gamers to test their abilities while allowing game developers to monetize their games. Everyone earns.

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Everyone Earns

 A competitive game platform built for players and game developers. Where everyone earns.

Earn Milk

Play against another player & winner takes all. Stake your MILK tokens to earn while you sleep

One Versus One

Play against real players across the world for the chance at the crown

Game Developers

Game developers can launch their games directly on Score Milk & earn with each game play

Stake Your MILK

Stake your MILK utility token for a set amount of days and earn 60% of all fees collected. The more MILK you stake, the bigger the reward.

Developer First

Score Milk is the perfect platform for your game. Game developers will be able to monetize their games and earn with each gameplay. Score Milk brings game developers and a community of gamers together. 

Monetize your game with a few lines of code with our SDK.

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Turn your gaming skills into money

Score Milk allows gamers to compete, earn, and stake their rewards

Score Milk Games

Frequently Asked Questions

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Legal Disclaimers: The gaming platform and the MILK token is not offered to US Citizens and will be strictly enforced to be NON-ELIGIBLE to US Citizens to be compliant to US SEC regulations.
If you are outside of US territories, it is your responsibility to know and adhere to your home country’s rules and regulations regarding cryptocurrencies and online skills based gaming.
In the upcoming version 0.5 of the platform which is currently under development, all visitors will be required to read and acknowledge these rules and regulations and disclaimers and verify that they are not US Citizens. All US based internet traffic and Internet Protocol addresses (IP’s) will be blocked by our sites. is NOT a gambling website. It is a skill-based gaming platform where you compete via video gaming skills to beat your competitor and is not subject to any randomness or chance. All users or the platform must be 18 years old or older to participate.

What is Score Milk?

Score Milk is an exciting new gaming platform that allows users to monetize their game-playing skills and developers to launch their games to market faster with a strong base of players.

Is Score Milk a gambling app?

No. Score Milk is a platform for skill-based gaming not subject to luck.

How can I use the Score Milk platform?

Just download the TronLink extension on Chrome. On mobile, you can use the TronLink wallet app, Klever wallet app, Trust Wallet, or any other wallet app with a Tron Blockchain integration.

Is there a hardcap on the number of MILK tokens available?

Yes, there is a maximum of 100 million tokens. This number will only get smaller due to the burn features Score Milk is implementing.

How can you attain the MILK token?

MILK tokens are rewarded based on gameplay. For every 1,000 TRX that a gamer plays, they will receive 1 MILK. Milk is only rewarded in whole numbers and only once per day.

Milk will also be available on JustSwap as part of the liquidity pool.

Click here to swap TRX for MILK.

Can you stake MILK?

Absolutely! Score Milk 2.0 will allow users to stake MILK. 60% of TRX fees will be rewarded to those staking MILK.

Is there a burn mechanism to diminish the supply of MILK?

Yes, there are two burn mechanisms we will implement in the staking protocol as well as the game selection process. See Burn Mechanism section of our whitepaper.

Will you be adding more games?

Yes, without a doubt. The 2 starters games are just for testing. Many more games will be added to our platform, including third party developer games via Score Milk 4.0.

Is Score Milk listed on an exchange?

At the moment, it will only be available on JustSwap via their liquidity pool.

Is Score Milk having an ICO?

No. It will only be available via gameplay on the platform and via JustSwaps liquidity pool.

Can I play using MILK tokens?

That is an option we may implement in the future once MILK is more widely distributed.

Will I get rewarded for telling my friends about Score Milk?

Yes, we are implementing a 3-tier referral system which will reward you for your referrals, their referrals, and whoever those people refer. That can add up quick.

MILK Token

100,000,000 MILK - Total Hard Cap

Head Score Milk

Do you think you got what it takes?

Challenge Someone –
Winner Takes All

Do you think you got what it takes?

Challenge Someone –
Winner Takes All


The Platform for Game Developers

More games are being added by talented game developers

For Gamers

It’s always fun, but even more when you win. Find a game you love, master it and make earn MILK

For Developers

Launch your game in a platform that players love. Learn about how to get your game on Score Milk

For Stakers

We wanted to make it fun to earn with Score Milk. MILK tokens can soon be staked for daily rewards